Dress Code

Please go to a dancewear store for the proper fit for your shoes.

We recommend  Dancewear Express on Elmgrove Road in Gates and Bailey Slipper Shop  3300 Monroe Avenue  by Marshalls  (381-2520)

Our dance studio requires the following:

Any solid color, no attached skirts or bike shorts, no costumes or tutus.

Pink for all one hour or more ballet classes. Any color (black pink or tan)  for tap, jazz and combo classes.

Hair must be firmly secured in a bun or ponytail attached to the head with a clip or barrette. No ponytails.

Any jewelry that hangs or dangles should be removed. Post earrings are allowed. No apple watches please!

Dance Shorts
Must be tight fitting, solid color with no writing.  No gym shorts or street clothes. Dancewear stores will have them. Solid color camisoles or slim fit t shirts may be worn over leotards.  Solid color no graphics or writing.

Ballet: pink leather. Canvas may be worn for class but not for stage.
Jazz: Tan
Tap: Black see below for breakdown by style and age.
Leather half soles that look like a half ballet shoe. Whatever brand and color fits the best. NOT needed for pre-lyrical class.

Tap shoe style by level:

Pre-school to Combo 2
black patent leather, Capezio junior tyette #NC25 has elastic sewn in to keep shoes on, or Capezio 3800 especially if a wider foot.

Combo 3 Capezio
3800 is preferred.

Level 1-2
Capezio 3800, OR Bloch Tap On   no patent leathers

Level 3-5
Bloch Tap On. Tap oxfords can be worn starting level 5 but better to wait until they grow more. No patent leather or Capezio 3800.

Tap Oxfords. More expensive but if you're feet are done growing, a great investment they last 3 years. Full sole non flexible.  If they bend completely in half they are not allowed.

Price range: $70-175  average $80-$100

Dance or sweatpants, tight fitting t-shirt or athletic shirt, black ballet shoes, tie tap shoes