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I thought this year's show, May 2019, was truly outstanding! I invited a fellow 'dance mom' and her daughter from another local dance studio and they were both so very impressed by how professional and polished the show was. My 81-year-old mother also came, as she tries to every year, and she said she felt like she was at a professional show. She was very entertained by all of the performances not just her granddaughter's (although she was especially thrilled when her granddaughter was on stage of course).

Congratulations for always holding to such high standards. It really shows!
-- Anonymous

This was my daughter's first year of dance and after seeing her recital, I wanted to say how impressed I was! The show was AWESOME and the dancers did such an excellent job! The training & technique were very evident in even the younger dancers!
-- Bonnie

My daughter has danced at Debbie MacKay for the past 6 years. It is an amazing school that helps to teach a solid dance foundation. Itís been wonderful to watch the growth of the students as dancers from year to year.

But, itís also been wonderful to see the friendships that have grown from dance class as well. Debbie and her amazing staff and student demonstrators have created a supportive, encouraging environment for the students that shines through in the way the girls, and boys, rely on each other, cheer for each other and tear up for the graduating seniors during the recital.

Itís that atmosphere of friendship and support that truly makes DMSOD special. Highly recommend!
-- Jennifer Mitchell

I danced at DMSOD from age 9 until graduating high school in 2016. Dancing here provided me with structured formative experiences that I continue to reference in my academics as well as my extracurriculars at SUNY Geneseo where I am currently seeking my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and am a current Scholarship Recipient in the Dance Studies program. In addition to providing instruction in dance, I was able to learn transferable skills and lessons that allow me to be a determined and thoughtful person. I cannot thank everyone at the studio enough for setting me up for success in dance and in life.
-- Julia Deacon

All four of my girls have been dancing here since they were 4 (started in 2001-2002 school year). The environment is supportive and challenging. The teachers and families involved at the studio have become a second family. The girls have learned life long lessons and a great work ethic! Thank you DMSOD!
-- Lisa Foster

My daughter loved dance intensive camp! One of her favorites was the theater class Miss Debbie taught! Thank you for fun week!
-- Kim

A wonderful environment to be encouraged to learn new things, from the amazing supportive friends that last a life time to the amazing teachers that are just like family!
-- Anonymous

My daughter loves Debbie's studio and has learned so much from every teacher there. We have been amazed by the dedicated teachers, great friends, and the progress she has made as her love of dance has grown exponentially. The studio is her second home, and we can't imagine a better experience!
-- Sharon Scott

I just took Gina's Barre Fitness class on Tuesday morning at 9:30 at the new studio! It was a great, fun workout, good music, and inspired me to come back for more. In fact, if I had the energy, there's a class on Tuesday evenings at 6:30...Gina provides great motivation and encouragement, and demonstrates skill and knowledge.
-- Judy Lawler

I grew up at this studio and I am now sending my two daughters here. The education is solid and can take you anywhere. The instruction I received enabled me to receive dance scholarships at several universities. I know the quality of instruction continues as I have watched my daughters progress. I recommend this school to anyone interested in solid dance education as well as a fun, supportive environment
-- Lindsey Short

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